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  • Who Can Be an Elder?

    New Testament Elders: God's Shepherds Part 2: Who Can Be an Elder In our first post, we looked at what an Elder is according to the Bible. So, who can be one of these Elders? -An Elder must not be… Overbearing/arrogant. An Elder must not be a man who dominates others. Now, let’s consider what MUST BE true of an Elder… And Elder must be... 1 - Godly in his home. - An Elder

  • What Does an Elder Do?

    New Testament Elders: God’s Shepherds Part 3: What Does an Elder Do? That’s what an Elder/Pastor does. -What being an Elder Does Mean... an Elder, there are many things that do not. Church Elders are not to be managers or CEOs.

  • What/Who Are Church Elders?

    New Testament Elders: God’s Shepherds Part 1: What/Who is an Elder? We will look at… What/Who is a Pastor/Elder? Who can be an Elder? What does an Elder do? What being an Elder means. What being an Elder does NOT mean. Helpful Resources Biblical Eldership Who are the Elders? Christian Elders in the New Testament Church Elders

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  • Listen | Shepherding Thoughts

    Elders: Shepherds of Unity Elders: Shepherds for Unity Play Video Play Video 01:04:52 Pastor Ben Francis - Elders: Shepherds for Unity (Part 1) - Acts 20 Main Idea- Elders cultivate and guard unity in the Elders Shepherd the flock. 2. Elders. Deacons. Elders value what God values. 2 - Elder leadership means rightly using God given authority. 3 - Elder

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