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The Cover-Up Continues as the Rabbit Hole Gets Deeper

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Southern Baptist Convention

Today, September 21, 2021, a letter was posted from Jennifer Lyell to the SBC Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, who will soon be meeting in Nashville for a regularly scheduled meeting.

The letter, submitted via email to the Executive Committee members, alleges that Dr. Ronnie Floyd (the current EC President), former EC VP Augie Boto, and former EC chairman Mike Stone were all actively involved in covering up Jennifer’s own case of abuse perpetrated by a former SBC seminary professor.

The letter is difficult to read, but Jennifer has released it for the sake of the Southern Baptist Convention, and for every Southern Baptist.

You can read the full text of Jennifer’s letter here. The story was originally published at SBC Voices on 9/21/21.

This all seems to unfortunately support the arguments made in some of my previous pieces about a Culture of Elitism in the Southern Baptist Convention, and also about the issue of sexual abuse and its cover-ups.

If this is true, it seems there is a SBC house cleaning needed from the top down.

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