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What I'm Reading These Days...

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I am a big fan of books. I love books. Books make up a big part of my life. I turn to them for instruction, pleasure, leisure, and more. In my pastoral study, you will find shelves stuffed full of books, books stacked on my reading table, and even some books lying on the floor.

At home, you will find books shelves throughout the house, books stacked by the bed, and lying around the house.

  • I love books. And I also love getting people into books. Some like to hold physical books in their hands (my own personal preference). Some like to listen to books on audio (I take advantage of this as well). But whatever your preference, I’d love to get you reading…

  • My own style of reading is unique to me. Everyone has their own. I tend to bounce back and forth between 5-7 books at a time. And I’ve averaged reading 50-75 books per year for the last few years (which is an average of 1-1.5 books per week). Which is a lot to some, but a pitiful few to others, like Al Mohler and Don Carson, who consume some 500 books per year.

  • I’m not a fast reader, as in, I do not speed read. But, I tend to read a lot of volume. I’m always reading throughout the day, finding time here and there. I rise early in the morning, ahead of my family, for some uninterrupted reading time (and coffee!). I've usually always got a book nearby.

Anyhow, I thought I would add a section on the blog every so often just overviewing what I am currently reading. Perhaps I can peak your interest or turn you on to a few good books along the way.

  • If you’re looking for some advice on how to read books or just some instruction on reading in general, I would point you here. I tend to follow Dr. Mohler’s advice.

What’s Ben Reading These Days?


  • I am currently preaching through Pau’s letter to the Ephesians, so I am reading this book by New Testament scholar, Doug Moo, as a compassion and guide.


Christian Biography

  • There is much to be learned from the life and faith of others. I am usually always digesting some type of biographical writing. Currently, I am reading about the life and times of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the recommendation of a friend.


  • If you are a parent, you know the struggle. The struggle is real. I am always reading something in this genre trying to better understand myself, my children, and my task to raise my children well. Currently, I am reading Doug Wilson’s book, Standing on the Promises.


Counseling and Discipleship

  • I’m always reading a few books here; both for personal growth and some I’m reading with others. Currently, I am reading two by David Powlison…

-Good and Angry is about our emotional struggles as humans, and how we can deal with the most common of emotions, anger, in a godly way. .

  • And

-This book is about better understanding God’s work in our lives, and how He uses a number of things to change and shape us over the years as we walk with Him by faith.

Nature/ The Natural World

  • I find great pleasure in reading about the world, nature, farming, land, etc. And one of my favorite writers, perhaps my favorite in this genre, is Wendell Berry. I like to always be reading something from Berry. Currently, I am reading a collection of his poems entitled The Peace of Wild Things.

-The list is always changing and growing, and I keep a list of things to read next, so stay tuned. What are you reading these days?

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Hi Ben,

Very interesting to learn how much you love to read and enjoy it! I love to read also, especially when I go to bed! During the day - and in my quiet time I read my Bible, journal some, do whatever Bible Study I’m involved in (John 3:16 right now with Max Lucado), and study same way for book we’re doing in SS. Just finished yesterday “Overcomer” by Max Lucado and now we will start a study by Kelly Minter this Sunday morning! Like you, I enjoy reading tremendously but no way, no how, can I read as many as you do! I’m going to order your recommendation above - “How Does Sanctification Work?” Thanks for this …

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