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A Year of Health

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

This past fall, I wrote a post outlining my struggles with food. You can read it here in case you missed it.

A new year always brings with it new opportunities, and many people use the new year to make all kinds of resolutions...and many of those center around weight loss, exercise, and all around health. I want to do something along these lines, albeit a bit different…

I’m not making a new year’s resolution to start dieting, or to start exercising…actually, I'm not making a new year’s resolution at all. I’m actually already doing all of the things I plan to do. I’ve got a good routine going that works for me. And, as I mentioned in my last post on this topic, I’m learning more and more how food works in the body…

  • I’m learning what certain foods do and don’t do.

  • And I’m learning how certain foods and types of food really only work against my body.

  • I’m also learning how food and overall health are interrelated more than I ever realized.

The Plan

With all that said, I am setting out to make 2022 another year of health…among many other things. Here are some things I’m planning to accomplish…

  • I plan to continue learning more about food. As my knowledge grows, I want to make better food choices that serve my body, my mind, and my soul.

  • I want to plan my food better. I’ve learned that if I fail to plan to eat well, I often fail to eat well. I want to learn how to meal prep in bulk, and to also be more disciplined in individual food/meal choices.

  • I want to have a good biblical theology of food. How does God view food, and how should that affect my view of food?

  • I want to explore how food affects the mind, the emotions, and the soul.

  • I want to continue my regular exercise routines. Right now, I’m exercising 5-6 days a week and seeing some good improvements. I plan to continue that.

  • I also want to return to running, but that will depend on an injury that I’m working through.

  • I want to break bad habits, such as snacking on sweets at night; and I want to institute good habits, like eating a more nutritious and natural diet.

  • I also plan to write regularly about what I’m experiencing and learning along the way. So make sure to stay tuned…

Charting the Course…

As I embark on this year of health, I am planning to have some wins along the way, and some losses. This is an uphill battle, and there will be victories and defeats. I’ve heard from many health and exercise experts that the best diet is the one that works for you. The one that fits your lifestyle…and I’ve found that to be true. But, I’m also trying to approach the idea of “diet” in a more holistic manner.

  • I’m not attempting a crash diet to shed some pounds (but, I need to shed some pounds). I am trying to develop a healthy and holy relationship with food that will last a lifetime. And by God’s grace, I’ll develop a healthier relationship with food and with Him.

I invite you to come along. Let me know what you’re planning for this coming year, or if there are things you’d like to see addressed here. Teams make things like this easier and raise our chances for success.

Things I’m reading…

-Right now, I’m spending a lot of time with Joan Ifland’s Processed Food Addiction. Dr. Ifland lays out some really fascinating information in this study, and I plan to write about some of the things I’m learning.

  • You can read her blog here.

I’m also planning to read Dr. Bill Schindler’s book, Eat like a Human. In this book, Dr. Schindler talks about how humans are meant to relate to their food and how modern western countries, like the one in which I live, have all but killed that relationship with convenience foods.

  • Let me know if you have suggestions for things to add…

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