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Developing a Christian Political Worldview

The 2024 political season will be tumultuous. It already is. That much is a given. Lots will be said and written…and probably thrown. 

  • For Christians, politics is not an arena culture where we can afford to check out, nor should we! But in an increasingly godless culture, participating politically comes with a long list of dangers and complications. 

I am planning a number of posts and essays that I hope to release throughout the year that will help us to think through politics and voting from a Christian worldview. But, before we get there, I want to encourage you to plan to think

Christians must think well, not only about the Bible, we must bring the Bible to bear on politics, culture, and how our worldview shapes those things before we ever enter the ballot box. Casting our vote should be the end of a very long and focused process of study, conversation, and prayer. 

  • And to help you prepare to think, I want to make some recommendations for resources that will help us in this area. 




And for more serious readers…

Classic works on Politics 

Democracy in America, Alexis De Toqueville 

My hope and prayer is that you will steward your mind and heart for the glory of God as we enter into another political season. Before we are ever ready to vote, we must thinking well about what voting means...

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