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I Love American History!

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Emanuel Leutze's famous, "Washington Crossing the Delaware.”

As we celebrate America’s 246th birthday—a good and proper celebration—we have much to be thankful for, and much to reflect upon. America has a storied past going back far beyond our celebrated independence day—July 4th, 1776. But the story of our Country is as amazing as it is detailed.

  • Personally, I enjoy experiencing our country’s great history through the pages of the many great history books available to us—and man, have I had some wonderful experiences!

  • Here are a some of my favorite books on the American story...

The Presidents

Several years ago, I decided to try and read a biography on every American President. So far, I’ve covered 16 or 18 different presidents. Here are a few of my favorites.

David McCullough's, John Adams

Edmond Morris’ three-volume set on Theodore Roosevelt:

Doris Kearns Goodwin’s, No Ordinary Time:

And my favorite Biography of all time,

Robert Caro’s, The Years of Lyndon Johnson:

  • Johnson was a terrible person, but Caro is a wonderful biographer and tells the story of America through the life of LBJ. The fifth volume is still being written.

The Wars

-Throughout its history, the United States has been involved in numerous armed conflicts; some major, some on a much smaller scale. Here are a few of my favorite war related books…

David McCullough’s, 1776:

Michael Korda’s, Robert E. Lee:

Rod Gragg’s, Confederate Goliath

Margaret McMillan’s, The War that Ended Peace

Winston Groom’s, The Allies and The Generals:

The Triumphs

David McCullough’s, The Pioneers:

David McCullough’s, The Wright Brothers

Bernard Schwartz’, A History of the Supreme Court

The Struggles

Thomas Sowell’s, Conflict of Visions:

Thomas Sowell’s, Discrimination and Disparities:

William F. Buckley’s, Up from Liberalism

Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt’s, The Coddling of the American Mind

Robert Caro’s, The Power Broker:

The Game Changers

Justice Clarence Thomas’s autobiography, My Grandfather’s Son:

Billy Graham, Just as I Am:

Mark Mulder and Gerardo Marti’s, The Glass Church

John Muir, Nature Writings

The National Parks and Other Beauties

Douglas Brinkley’s, The Wilderness Warrior

  • Teddy Roosevelt’s fight for Americas’ National Parks

John Muir, Works

Denise Kiernan’s, The Last Castle - The history of the Biltmore Estate

General Histories

Thomas Kidd’s 2 Volume, American History

I love our the story of our Country's history and will keep reading and learning!

What books would you recommend?

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