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What I'm Reading - February 23'

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

-Dr. Seuss

Here's this month's reading list...

Doctrine/ Theology

Jesus through the Eyes of Women - Rebecca McLaughlin

Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin is a relatively new, yet noteworthy biblical scholar. She has quickly become a trusted voice on many of today's issues facing the Church. In this short book, McLaughlin guides her readers to see the beauty of Jesus’ positive relationship with women, and how the women of Scripture beautifully lead us to the feet of the King.

A Theology for the Church - Daniel Akin, Editor

This book has been in my library for many years now. I have read it, and re-read it many times. Recently, I have spent some considerable time with it and have been reminded of its rich collection of theology from some of today’s most trusted evangelical scholars. If you are looking for a good systematic theology, this one is worth the investment.

The Conviction to Lead - Albert Mohler

While there are numerous books on leadership available—many good books—this is one of my favorites. It probably ranks among my favorites because Al Mohler is one of my personal heroes. Nonetheless, the book is full of wisdom, insight, and thoroughly biblical teaching.

  • Mohler notes that leadership begins with personal character. And that leaders of character produce institutions of character — and nowhere is this more vividly displayed than in the institution Dr. Mohler himself leads: The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

Union with Christ - J. Todd Billings

In this book. Dr. Billings offers his readers a scholarly exploration of a central New Testament theme. The Christian’s union with King Jesus is the heart of the biblical gospel. If you are looking for a serious, yet soul-stirring treatment of the subject, read Billings.

Christ-Centered Preaching - Bryan Chappell

One of the best textbooks on preaching available today! If you are a preacher of God’s Word, this is a must-have for your library. Chappell is a most-helpful guide in thinking through the task of preaching, how to preach effectively, making sure our sermons are full of grace, and most importantly, making sure our sermons exalt King Jesus.

  • Whether you are a regular preacher, staff pastor, lay Elder, Deacon, or church member, this book will enrich your soul.


Becoming Free Indeed - Jinger Duggar Voulo

Growing up the 6th of 19 children, Jinger Duggar Voulo has an interesting story to tell. Raised under the false-teachings of Bill Gothard, Jinger reveals how Gothard’s teachings misled her in understanding the Bible and caused her great personal anxiety and unnecessary suffering. Through relationships with her sister, and her husband, Jinger details her experience in untangling her true faith in Jesus from the harmful false teachings of Bill Gothard.

  • In a world where it has become attractive and compelling for young Christians to “deconstruct” their Christian upbringing, Voulo offers a beautifully compelling story of “disentangling” that leads her to King Jesus.

  • She writes, “My faith is as strong as its ever been—not because Christianity tells me the right way to live or unlocks some ‘key to success,’ but because I can find no one more compelling, more lovely, more hopeful than Jesus…I can’t leave Christianity because only there can I find Christ.” (pg. 190-91).

This book caught my attention because of the title. While I am thoroughly protestant, I have a great fascination with Catholicism, Catholic church practice, and, in particular, the monastic lifestyle. O’Brien recounts his childhood of growing up in a broken home, being raised by a single mom with little education, no work experience, who found help and faith in a Mountain Monastery.

Christian Living

Mentor - Chuck Lawless

This is a great resource for personal and group studies on the topic of discipleship. We too often over-complicate personal discipleship, making it far harder, far more complicated, or far too restrictive for what it actually is. In this little workbook study, Dr. Lawless offers a very basic, biblical, and helpful explanation of what it means to follow Jesus and disciple others. Highly recommended!

Noteworthy Articles from World Opinions

Why we Need a Joshua Harris Rule - John Schweiker Shelton, Katelyn Walls Shelton

This article highlights our culture’s failure to spotlight true wisdom.

This article explains why In Vitro fertilization (IVF) tends to be out of step with a Christian ethic.

A Federal D.C. Judge is considering an argument supporting abortion on the basis of the 13th amendment.

“Over the past two years, we have seen increased concern as parents discover what their children are learning, and not learning, in our nation’s public schools.”

The Rewriting of Roald Dahl is Preposterous - Marc LiVecche The Orwellian rewriting of history marches on. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory might soon be no more…

Global Religion: Following the Schism in the Anglican Church

A look at how the Church of England continues to abandon Scripture and give into cultural whims. The worldwide Anglican Church is not with England.

Trevin Wax looks at how the Church of England is revising doctrine with the African Anglican Church stands against the tide for truth.

Happy Reading!

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