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The Importance of Fathers...

We are living in a time when our society is not only devaluing the role of the father, but also the very idea of manhood.

  • For most every young boy, there is a time in his life when Dad is his hero. In the eyes of a young boy, his Dad can do no wrong, face-down any foe, pick up any object, and beat up any other boy’s dad.

  • Fatherhood is such a special gift, crucial to the well-being of children.

  • Too many studies show the negative and devastating effects when fathers are not around.

Culture can say what it will, but it cannot change God’s created world. And God made the world with men, and men are called upon to be fathers.

  • We are at a crossroads in many ways as a culture…

  • Will we see the light and course correct regarding the nonsense of the LGBTQ agenda?

  • Or will we continue headlong down the path of death and destruction?

  • Only time will tell…

In the meantime, we need men—Real Men—who will step up, not only to dignify the role of manhood in a culture that’s lost its way, but men who will own the God-given role of fatherhood.

  • The world needs men who are biological fathers, and those men who may not have children of their own but can offer a positive and worthwhile model for the world.

—Fatherhood is more an issue of character than of biology. —

What is a Father?

We should start by answering the question, “What does it mean to be a father?

Here are a few things the Scriptures would tell us about being a father.


  • Are life-givers;

  • Provide for their families and children;

  • Protect their families, children, and others;

  • Teach and instruct others in the things of God;

  • Shape the character of their children with biblical wisdom and intension;

  • Display and impart biblical values to their children and others;

  • Comfort their families with their love and presence;

  • Lead and guide their families to know God and follow His Word;

  • Correct their families when correction in needed;

  • Discipline wrongdoing, wrong thinking, and poor attitudes;

  • Particularly with their sons, Fathers equip their children by passing on skills…

    • The skills of how to be man (not as the world defines manhood, but as God defines it).

    • The skill of how to love a woman well.

    • The skill of how to lead a family.

    • The skill of providing for a family.

    • The skill of protecting a family.

-In the end, we could summarize manliness and fatherhood in this way: A father is a man who tells the truth about God through his life, his love, and his character.

  • He takes seriously his God-given task of being a man.

Now, more than ever, we need real men who will take up the task of being fathers in the world.

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