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Why the Southern Baptist Convention Needs R. Albert Mohler in 2022

The Southern Baptist Convention has entered a period of instability. The cracks have been showing for some time, but the last year has proven exceptionally taxing on the Convention in numerous ways:

  • The Presidential uncertainty and scandal of 2021;

  • The ever-growing influence of cultural pressures;

  • The jockeying and scandals of Presidential candidates ahead of the 2022 annual meeting;

  • The SATF Report;

  • And more…

The institution that is the Southern Baptist Convention stands at a crucial moment. Strong, proven, wise leadership is called for. This is no time for personal agendas, witch-hunts, or a return to what was. Such a demanding time calls for exceptional, proven leadership. And it would seem foolish to many to entrust the leadership of the world’s largest Protestant Denomination—a Denomination in peril— into un-tested hands.

  • That is why proven institutional leadership is not only needed, but required. Southern Baptists need a strong, steady, tested hand at the helm. We need leadership that can set the course, unite our churches, empower other faithful leaders in our SBC entities, speak truth into the current moment, and lead us well.

That is why Southern Baptists need R. Albert Mohler Jr. in 2022. Dr. Mohler serves as the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; the flagship seminary of the SBC and is a proven leader at the highest levels.

Dr. R. Albert Mohler holds the Master of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in theology from SBTS. “He has pursued additional study at the St. Meinrad School of Theology and has done research at University of Oxford (England). Dr. Mohler also serves as the Centennial Professor of Christian Theology at Southern Seminary. His writings have been published throughout the United States and Europe.”

He is the author of numerous books and articles, and currently serves as the editor of World Opinions. He also hosts a daily podcast, The Briefing, where he overviews the news of the day from a Christian Worldview. He also hosts the more intellectual podcast, Thinking in Public, where he interviews and dialogues with today's leading theologians, historians, and cultural thinkers.

He is the man for a time such as this.

Why does the SBC need R. Albert Mohler at this crucial time?

1 - Proven Institutional Leadership.

During his tenure at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Mohler has proven himself to be a faithful and competent institutional leader. In the early 1990’s, Dr. Mohler bravely led SBTS back to is conservative, biblical roots by staffing the school with first-rate, orthodox Christian scholars. Today, SBTS ranks among the top seminaries in the world, both in size and academic excellence due largely to Dr. Mohler’s leadership. SBTS continues to excel under Dr. Mohler’s leadership.

It is also worth noting that 3 other SBC seminary Presidents have come out from Dr. Mohler’s leadership at SBTS (Akin, Greenway, and Allen).

2 - Biblical Precision.

Dr. Mohler has proven his biblical precision through his countless sermons, numerous books, seminary classes, and podcasts. He knows the Word well, and he is a man that is mastered by the Word of God.

3 - Theological Fidelity.

Whether it is his Masters level papers, Doctoral dissertation, articles for World Opinion, or his daily breakdown of cultural issues, Dr. Mohler is among the most faithful theologians in the Evangelical Christian tradition. He is certainly among the elite theologians of our day.

4 - Moral Uprightness.

Throughout his tenure in Southern Baptist life, Dr. Mohler has seen an unfortunate number of scandals unfold around him. Whether it be faculty at his school, or other leaders within SBC institutions, Dr. Mohler has proven a steady hand in the midst of crisis, while also remaining unstained and untarnished by scandal. He is willing to shine the light of truth into the darkness of sin.

5 - Baptist Ecclesiology.

Dr. Mohler is not only a Baptist scholar, but has proven himself time and time again to be a faithful Baptist. He is a member of a Southern Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, and has served as both a pastor and professor in Baptist life. Dr. Mohler served on the committee that updated the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, and has contributed to numerous works of Baptist theology such as, Why I am a Baptist.

6 - Baptist History.

Dr. Mohler has served as the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary since 1993, but has been active in Baptist life since 1983. He was present for the great Conservative Resurgence of the 1980’s and 1990’s, and he has been a steady presence in Baptist leadership for close to 40 years. He is very much a part of Baptist history.

7 - Statesmanship.

Albert Mohler is a statesman. He is well-spoken, respectful, well-dressed, and exceptionally competent. He is respected in both Christian and secular circles due to his intellectual ability and skill, and is often sought out by secular media for these reasons.

8 - Exacting Intellect.

While there are numerous faithful Christian scholars in the Church today, no one better combines biblical fidelity, theological precision, cultural analysis, and a sharp wit better than Al Mohler. “ has called him the “reigning intellectual of the evangelical movement in the U.S.”

9 - Cultural Understanding.

Through his daily podcast, The Briefing, Dr. Mohler demonstrates time and time again, not only his cultural awareness, but his exceptional ability to understand and process the times according to a faithful, Christian worldview. There is no other Christian voice as influential on cultural matters of the day as R. Albert Mohler.

For these reasons, and many more, the Southern Baptist Convention needs Dr. R. Albert Mohler at the head in 2022.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rev. Dr. Benjamin A. Francis

Pastor and Messenger, Theresa Baptist Church

Roxboro, North Carolina

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