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Abortion, the Bible, and the Progressives.

California Governor Gavin Newsom

Thinking Critically...

This week has brought about several concerning headlines that Christians need to be paying attention to. There are so many news stories dropping daily, and the culture is changing so rapidly around us that consequential headlines and happenings can easily slip through the cracks and get lost in the noise.

  • And it's not just that we might miss a headline or news story—which can be tough enough in its own right. But every so often, a story of such significance breaks that Christian must not only pay attention, but pause to reflect on the moment, consider how we got here, and then to take stock of where we are headed.

  • And not so much “we” as Christians, but “we” as a society and culture.

Two headlines this Week…

-First, on Monday, October 4th, Dr. Al Mohler noted on The Briefing that the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has pulled a political stunt that is making waves—waves not only around his own state, but around the Country itself.

  • California is one of, if not the most pro-abortion state in the Union. Abortion is not only a right, but is treated as sacrosanct. The California Governor, however, took things to a new level with a political ad released in California and around the country.

Here’s the ad…

-A few things to note:

  • First, California is not only openly embracing the wicked practice of abortion, it is presenting is healthcare. It is also boasting of it in other states. “Can’t get an abortion in your state? Come to California.”

These ads are running in numerous anti-abortion states.

  • Second, and more important, we need to note that Newsom has included a quote from the Bible in his abortion ad; Mark 12:31 to be exact. Newsom is attempting to use the Bible as a support/cover for California’s irreligious and idolatrous embrace of abortion. And not only are they misusing the Bible, they are saying that their willingness to provide abortion is an exercise of the great commandment to love our neighbors.

-A well known Pastor in evangelical California, Dr. John MacArthur, has spoken out strongly against the Governor, not only condemning his support of abortion, but strongly condemning his heretical twisting of Scripture. Most importantly, Dr. MacArthur is calling on the Governor to repent of his wickedness and come to Christ.

  • You can read his bold, righteous letter here.

A Second Story...

Also on Monday, NPR ran a story highlighting Planned Parenthood’s newest development, which is a mobile abortion clinic. The mobile clinic, housed in an RV, will operate mainly out of Illinois. The plan is to have the unit travel to the borders of nearby states where residents can easily cross the state line and utilize the Clinical services housed in the Recreational Vehicle.

The article reports, “The mobile clinic will begin offering consultations and dispensing abortion pills later this year. It will operate within Illinois, where abortion remains legal, but will be able to travel closer to neighboring states' borders, reducing the distance many patients travel for the procedure.”

  • An article in The Guardian reports, “The vehicle will house two exam rooms, a lab and a waiting room. Initially, it will provide medication abortions up to 11 weeks of gestation. It will provide surgical abortions after the first few months.”

These two stories, breaking together on the same day, combine to show us a few things…

-First, progressives in our country are determined to have abortion at all costs. They will sacrifice whatever must be sacrificed in order to maintain the right to kill babies in the womb. That is one of the dominant and essential elements of the modern progressive agenda. It is bedrock to their worldview.

  • Governors will twist and pervert Scripture in a sick attempt to support their platform.

  • Planned Parenthood will retro-fit an RV for the purpose of killing babies.

  • People will travel great distances, across state lines, for access to abortion.

-As Dr. Mohler noted, the fact that Governor Newsom is running his political ads in states outside of California is a clear and present sign of his impending Presidential run. He intends that his worldview and his passion for killing babies be present everywhere in the United States of America.

  • This is the direction of the progressive left. They not only want abortion, they love it.

-Second, there is still a lot of fighting left to do for Christians. We give thanks to God for the Dobb’s Decision of 2022, yet the fight for life not only remains, it is intensifying.

  • The fight for life now moves to the state level, which is what the Dobb’s decision really accomplished.

  • Christians must pray, speak out, and stand for life in Gospel-centered hope-filled ways.

  • Christians must faithfully minister the gospel to the hurting, the needy, the opposed, and the questioning.

  • These are days for the Church to rise; rise in faith, hope, and love.

May we be wise as serpents and innocent as doves in these challenging days.

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